Find Hospitals and Nursing Homes

You will get to see in real time the availability of different types of beds along with the price of the same . You can do a provisional booking of the same. You can also receive a call from the hospital and vice versa to guide you through .

Diagnostic service

We will help you get connected with the diagnostic center near you that would provide you with seam less service .

Pharmacy Outlets near you

Our intelligent AI will help with your medicines also . Once you or your doctor uploads your prescription , Pharmacy outlets near you will get in touch with you and give you the medicines at the best possible rates. Alternatively you can also choose from wide variety of pharmacy outlets.

Blood Buddy

If you or any one you know is in need of blood from any group to save a life just use the blood buddy option in our APP. Our intelligent AI will connect you with probable doners matching your required blood group thus saving precious life. Most importantly this service is absolutely free for everyone.